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Instagram is now larger than Twitter

The latest breakdown of social media figures has shown that Instagram now has more users than Twitter.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat, the platform has also stated that it could potentially “change the world”. Owned by Facebook, the latest figures have shown that Instagram now has around 300 million users.

This puts it ahead of Twitter by  around 20 million users, which has around 284 million people visiting it each month. The boss of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, commented:

“Instagram is about seeing a live pulse of the world right now, it’s not just about taking a photo of a cute baby or a cute dog.”

Both are significantly behind Facebook, however. The original social network of note, it has more than 1.25 billion users over a monthly period.

Instagram is not resting on its laurels, though. It has plans to continue adapting, much as companies need to, to exploit the myriad of social media platforms with its best SEO content.

The first thing it is going to introduce is verified accounts. This is something that both Facebook and Twitter already provides. Giving accounts of ‘known’ people or organisations a blue tick, it is something of a holy grail for many.

The first raft of Instagram verifications is likely to come in for celebrities and brands that are presently being impersonated. Mr Systrom explained the reason behind the move, telling the BBC:

“We want to be all about authentic users and you making sure that you know you’re following real people not bots, not spam accounts, not fake accounts.”

Mr Systrom went on to say that there is also action being taken over spam profiles, with these being deleted.

The same action will be extended to any accounts found to breaking the terms and conditions of Instagram, something that many companies not working with digital marketing experts could be at risk of seeing happen.

Steven Morris

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