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Internet matters to ISPs

The four largest UK internet service providers (ISPs), have come together to raise awareness about children’s safety online.

Internet Matters is designed to  help parents discuss staying safe on the web with their kids. Providing information to signpost people to the best way to use the net, BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media hope that the drive will fast become a “household name”.

To promote the initiative, the four ISPs will rely heavily on online marketing, embedding terms into their page content. As well as using such basic search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, the Internet Matters logo will be displayed on all emails and bills to customers.

There are presently no plans for any above the line spending on the drive, with the four ISPs saying that the initiative covers 90% of UK home users.

The move comes partly in response to criticism directed at the providers by parents and children’s campaign groups. There has also been significant pressure coming from Westminster, with ISPs being obliged to introduce mandatory user filters to set whether they can view adult content.

The introduction of the filters needs to happen by the end of the year. However, industry complaints that such devices will also limit access to certain educational portals and abuse charities has led to the ruling being criticised in many quarters.

Despite this, the launch of Internet Matters has received support. Saying that it was a good move in the right direction, the chief executive of Mother’s Union, Reg Bailey, stated:

“In branding terms it does not do any ISP any good if they fail to take adequate care of children online.”

Mr Bailey continued, saying that he was also pleased with the steps providers were taking in regards to filtering content. He views Internet Matters as a starting point for a more comprehensive approach to promoting child safety online.

Steven Morris

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