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Is content marketing worth it for very small businesses?

Darren Jamieson

Large companies have the resources and finance to create great online content and have the budget to promote content. Can small businesses with just two or ten workers, or even sole traders, make content marketing work? The answer is yes, but only if you follow two simple guidelines.

Firstly, there needs to be a commitment to content marketing. This means creating a schedule of regular content creation for websites and social media. Once a schedule is in place, then someone needs to commit to sticking to the schedule.

The second guideline is to spend more time on promoting content than creating it. It is not enough to write amazing content and simply expect readers to turn up to view it. Promotion such as search engine optimization and paid social media advertising is likely to be necessary.

After your content is seen and appreciated, what benefits will this bring your business? Regularly updating your site with quality content will mean that it is ranked higher by the search engines. This means more visitors and the opportunity to recruit more customers.

Research by website Hubspot discovered that business that have a blog that is regularly updated receive 126% more leads than websites without a blog.

Quality content establishes your business as an authority and a leader in your business sector, creating the feeling that your company is trustworthy. Potential customers want to feel that they can trust companies that they give their money to.

Content marketing is value for money. It can be up to 62% cheaper than other types of marketing, but can generate about three times as many leads.

You could create and promote your content in house but it is better to outsource the job to experts. Contact us at Pressroom to discover how quality content marketing can improve your business.

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