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Lack of digital talent risks growth of businesses

Richard Bell

A new report into the world of digital marketing has revealed that companies are facing up to a lack of talent.

However, with 80% of British firms set to boost their digital marketing budgets this year, many will be hoping that their efforts  for skilled workers will pay off.

The study, ‘The Future of Digital Marketing’, polled around 260 online marketing executives serving the consumer and business trade. It found that while a large number of companies are set to hit the recruitment path this year, many fear the result.

They have reportedly seen difficulties with recruiting the best talent in the past, which, in any case, may have already been headhunted by top search engine optimisation (SEO) agencies.

The biggest barrier that firms are facing when looking to take on digital marketing staff is the cost that they command. The study revealed that 30% of respondents were troubled by the price of quality workers.

Simply meeting with the top talent that is out there, while considering the budget for their hire, can be big trouble too. In the study, 21% of respondents said that attracting the best employees was a challenge.

A further 16% stated that they faced difficulties in keeping their best staff in situ too. Industry figures backed this, revealing that most people working in online marketing will move on from a role within one to one and a half years.

This high turnover is yet another reason why firms engage with digital marketing agencies.

Internally, staff changing all the time can upset company dynamics and strategy. However, having a dedicated and committed team in place ensures consistency.

Some firms are even tackling the issue with a more flexible workforce, using a combination of outsourced agencies, freelance workers, and contract members of staff. This can deliver a powerful combination, with that all important consistency alongside a mash up of opinions and voices.

Richard has a First in English Literature and Creative Writing, and has experience writing fiction and short stories (which he has published both online and in magazines).

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