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Make your content shine with mobile

Without doubt, search audiences will be on the lookout for unique and interesting content that can be accessed quickly from one source. There are endless reams of advice to be found on how to adapt journalistic writing techniques to ensure your content is up-to-date and current. It has long been the belief that news-based content will influence your position in the search results positively.

However, outstanding content is likely to fall flat if you fail to embrace the technological trends emerging all around us. Producing high quality content is only half the battle – you need to ensure you have the technological backup to support it. If your site functionality is poor, your target market will soon turn to one of your competitors for their information.

As 2014 unfurls, not only will it be important to employ people with a focus on content production, but businesses will need to ensure that investment is made into those technologies allowing content to be seamlessly distributed and accessed in a convenient way by their demographic.

Make mobile a priority

Seven out of ten people in the UK use a smartphone, according to recent research carried out by Deloitte. As Android and Apple devices become more popular, it will be imperative to the development of brand strategy that the overall experience enjoyed by a target market replicates that created for a PC, laptop or tablet.

Industry experts have long highlighted how important mobile is becoming in the content marketing strategy. Those who have averted their eyes to the mobile phenomenon so far may soon find themselves trailing behind the competition. A positive mobile experience will do much to ensure a favourable perception of a brand, so stragglers need to take heed.

Great writing is a must, but make sure this is married with solid technological infrastructure.

Steven Morris

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