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Maximising your time on content management

Managing content for your website can become a full time job. You need to ensure content is of a high quality, original and appealing to your target audience, and there are plenty of housekeeping tasks to  keep on top of. Here are some ideas to help you maximise your time and ensure your content gets noticed:

Inspire new ideas and revitalise the old

Make regular time to get together with your team to bounce ideas around. Rather than give yourself the sole responsibility of generating new content, make this a team event. Bringing people together will soon get the creative juices flowing and inspire new topics and exciting content.

Don’t feel that old ideas should be shelved; you can breathe new life into old content by presenting it in a new format such as an infographic. Not only will this give you a different slant; you will also attract varying audiences.

Be a master of what you can control

When planning, make sure you understand which resources are available to you and are guaranteed. You may want to make a big impression, but if you aim too high, you may be unable to deliver the promised results.

Create a realistic content calendar, assigning writing to those who are willing and able to contribute. Identify those people who will not be able to make content writing their number one priority, and ensure that the backbone of your content calendar is covered by those who can commit.

Keep moving forward

Don’t get bogged down in constant planning. It’s important that you keep pushing on with your content writing. If you continually strive for perfection, you may find it hard to keep apace with the competition. Set clear goals for the year and keep referring back to them to stay focused.

Maximising time using a few simple techniques will ensure you remain in control and your content keeps moving to the top.

Steven Morris

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