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Nestle wakes up to full content branding

The producer of Nescafe is to completely overhaul its marketing strategy for the world’s best-selling coffee.

Nestle is to apply  the same visual identity across its coffee range. It is the first time such a move has been implemented by the brand in its 75-year history, as it looks to underpin its status within the £47.4bn bracket of the industry.

The move has been given the title REDvolution. A visual and slogan-led campaign, it will focus on the famous red mug and accent of the brand.

The slogan, which will run alongside key identifiable images in all 180 territories that Nescafe is sold in, aims to capture customers from the start of the day. In a clear salvo across the bows of coffee-shop chains such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks, it reads:

“It all starts with a Nescafé.”

Packaging will also be updated across all products, whilst impactful campaigns will run online.

There will also be tie-ins between the online and offline content drives. As the campaign has been designed to empower regional markets to utilise it to best suit their needs, local digital marketing will also be key.

A key focus of the online brand will be innovation, with a ramp up of its efforts in the social circles. Its Facebook presence will be enhanced to offer customers greater content and higher levels of engagement.

Continuing the theme of starting your day with a Nescafe, the brand will also launch an online social alarm clock.

The shift in the way Nestle markets its number one revenue stream is a response to several factors, which has seen sales of all products faltering recently. Sales in the last quarter were only hitting 4.2% of the market, falling short of the 6% target.

The increasingly use of pod coffee machines has affected sales, although Nespresso from Nestle is still the market leader.

Steven Morris

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