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New infographic sheds light on key Vine stats

Research for a new infographic making the rounds online has revealed some interesting stats for Twitter-owned video sharing app Vine.

According to the infographic, Vine was the most downloaded software on the app store in April last year – perhaps due to an increase in publicity after it was bought by Twitter in 2012.

Showing considerable integration with its micro-blogging master, it was found that five Vines are tweeted every second.

Further, a considerable number of individuals and brands are using the site; the infographic claims that, if every user on the network uploaded just one video, the ensuing content would be more than 2,300 hours long – a considerable length of time considering that the maximum duration of a single Vine is just six seconds.

The work also looked at demographics, claiming that more than half (57%) of Vine users are female, and that the network boasts a relatively young user base when compared to some of the other popular social sites.

Studies have shown that female internet users are more likely than their male counterparts to turn to social media. Last year, Pew research found that 72% of women on the internet use Facebook, compared to 62% of men, and one in four women online use picture-sharing site Pinterest, compared with just one in 20 male internet users.

The only social site that had more male users (albeit, marginally more) was Twitter; 15% of women compared to 17% of men.

The Vine infographic made some bold predictions for the state of online video content and mobile platforms in the years to come. It suggested that, by 2016, video will comprise more than half (55%) of all web traffic, and that in the next two years, mobile traffic will skyrocket by around 1,800%.

Steven Morris

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