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Having a successful online presence is crucial for most businesses today but, without any expert input, some companies find that their sites are not getting as much traffic as they would like. Having crafted a superb-looking website, it would seem a shame to waste its potential, and it could be that one vital ingredient – content – has been neglected. The words on a website need to be interesting, well-written and meaningful to visitors in order to persuade them to stay, rather than switching to the next site in the search results. Here at Pressroom, as professional news content providers, we can make sure that what is written on a website is as compelling and engaging as possible. For those businesses that require it, we can also produce other types of written content, such as informative articles and, to add variety, even infographics and videos are available.

Content is king

Having top quality content means that websites will be rewarded by search engines such as Google, resulting in a site being catapulted upwards in the search listings. As potential customers are more likely to click on only the first few pages in search results, it is extremely important to try to remain near the top of the list. Another factor that tends to propel sites up the list of search results is regularly having fresh, new content. This is because, as well as encouraging people to return to the site to see the latest information, regular updates also mean that sites are viewed more favourably by search engines. For business owners who are too busy to constantly update, news content providers can supply the necessary content.

Although many people, when commissioning their first website, tend to concentrate mainly on its visual appeal, content is actually more important, and this is a fact that is often overlooked. The content contained within a site can convey mood, tone and personality without any pictures, and it is the content that is ultimately responsible for selling products or inviting people to use a service. Taking the trouble to craft excellent content will keep customers coming back and persuade them to remain longer each time they visit. With the help of news content providers, any business can now keep its website supplied with intriguing reading matter, designed to have the dual effect of sparking interest and moving the site higher up the search listings.

How Pressroom can help

Here at Pressroom, we can often solve many problems for businesses simultaneously because, as well as being news content providers, we can also handle social media and supply SEO strategies to bring more traffic to a site. SEO, or search engine optimisation, involves finding ways to make sure potential customers find a site when they are searching. Sometimes, a business provides a fantastic service but its website is so far down in the search results that no-one ever finds it, and that is where an expert SEO plan can help. So, for the best content, together with a whole range of other useful services to boost your web success, call us now.

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