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Is content marketing worth it for very small businesses?

Large companies have the resources and finance to create great online content and have the budget to promote content. Can small businesses with just two or ten workers, or even sole traders, make content marketing work? The answer is yes, but only if you follow two simple guidelines.

Posted by Darren Jamieson


Is the future of social media interest-based networks?

Most businesses publish social media content to Twitter and Facebook, but will these two leading social media platforms be replaced by
Posted by Darren Jamieson

The impact of fake news on content marketing

Many people now use Facebook as their prime source of news. It transpires that sometimes Facebook, perhaps unknowingly, circulates false news and as a result has
Posted by John Murray

The five key ingredients for a successful content marketing campaign

Successful content marketing campaigns are the result of careful planning, and there are five main ingredients to it:
Posted by John Murray

How can you write content that people really want to read?

There are two main areas where online content is read: on a company website and social media. Before creating content, it is helpful to know what
Posted by Lianne Wilkinson


The ‘epic’ endemic: what’s the next new buzzword?

I’m not that old but I can remember a time when using the word ‘epic’ was only acceptable if you were describing work by Brecht or the film ‘Ben Hur’. Not only does ‘epic’ now top a number of online surveys about annoying words but, when combined with the word ‘fail’, it is one of […]
Posted by John Murray

Brevity is key to meaningful writing

The English language is astonishing. From 26 simple characters, we’ve arranged the alphabet in over a million ways to create words that convey meaning, express our thoughts and influence others. These same few building blocks were used by giants of literature like Dickens, Shakespeare or Austen, but their output is as original and unique as […]
Posted by John Murray

Social Media:

You can’t control social media behaviour

As part of your content marketing campaign for social media, you can control your content, but you cannot control the
Posted by Darren Jamieson

Is virtual reality the future of social media?

Virtual reality content has started to make an impression on social media, and looks like it will grow in the future. In 2016 new virtual reality systems are
Posted by John Murray


Four common search engine optimisation mistakes

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is complex, and it is common for websites to be a victim to its many pitfalls. Here are four common mistakes to avoid:
Posted by Mark

The differences between Google and Bing

The two top search engines are Google and Microsoft’s Bing, with Yahoo in third place. Most search engine optimization strategies will have a similar effect for Google and Bing, but businesses need to be aware of the differences and the
Posted by John Murray


The importance of clear infographics

Infographics are becoming an increasingly popular way to reach an online audience. For many, these engaging visuals are a fast, entertaining way to deliver otherwise dry statistics, but is the trend for creating exciting and unique graphics getting in the way of their ‘information’ aspect? When I was studying history, the first 
Posted by Richard Bell

Infographic gives stats on tweeting brands

Using research compiled by Brandwatch, MyCleverAgency has published an infographic shedding light on the activities of some of the top brands 
Posted by Richard Bell