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If your content seems to be disappearing into the ether of the internet, you may need to take a closer look at three integral areas of content marketing – strategy, content creation and technology.

If just one of these areas is looking a little woolly, you could soon find that your content drops off the radar as quickly  as a hapless aeroplane in the Bermuda Triangle. Follow these tips for ensuring your content arrives quickly at its intended search destination:

Getting the strategy right

Content strategy is a constantly evolving beast and it is foolish to get complacent. As part of ongoing content marketing tasks, take time to analyse historical statistics and data. Highlight any strengths and build upon them. Identify weaknesses and put plans in place to resolve them.

However, not all issues will be quick-fixes. Set yourself manageable milestones and identify the actions needed to meet each goal. Put your plans into writing and assign timescales and responsibilities to help you work through them.

Research and understand your audience profiles and use this knowledge to hone you content strategy. With a clear understanding of the customer journey, you will be able to develop winning content for each target group.

Creating engaging content

Be creative. Inspirational topics and information that adds value are sure to engage your audiences. Set up a calendar to chart world and company events that could inspire new content.

Be sure to develop a talented group of writers. Invest time to ensure that they fully understand your brand values and are able to communicate them to your readers via a range of mediums. Look at outsourcing writing if budgets don’t allow for an in-house team.

Efficiency through technology

Investigate new technologies that can increase efficiency and reach, while identifying the areas of your marketing that could be improved with their introduction.

By focussing your efforts across these three areas, you’ll be sure to reach your audience without a hitch.

Steven Morris

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