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Repurposing to attract more traffic

Great, inspirational content should never be left to float aimlessly like an island in the web ether. It will serve you little if your audiences cannot find the  content to enjoy and share it with others.

You should in fact aim to take your original piece of content and rework it to reach audiences via a range of channels – this is known as repurposing.

How one piece of content becomes four

As an example, you may have written an intelligent and informative white paper that will provide true value to your target audience. You could simply set this live and hope that your readers will find it. However, how many people will share their details without understanding a little about the content? You’ll get a much better response if you craft a short blog showcasing the contents of the white paper.

You could also take this one step further and look at creative pictorial analogies to depict the themes of your white paper. This will intrigue audiences, access new ones and encourage sharing. Another blog to embellish the themes of your infographic can all help make your white paper more accessible to a wider range of readers.

Getting your content out there

You now have four adaptations of the same content, but if people don’t know it’s there, all will be in vain. Social media can give you the platform you need to reach out and inform people about your content.

You can post Twitter updates informing your followers of the great content on offer and tempt them with jaw dropping statistics and quotes. Other platforms can also be used, such as LinkedIn, to encourage debate from industry peers. Pinterest, blog forums, tradeshows and seminars are all ways of repurposing your original content.

The opportunities are endless for ensuring engagement and interaction whilst offering your audiences a choice of channels.

Steven Morris

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