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Root out your content problems

If you are suffering from uninspiring landing pages and a hazy, undefined SEO strategy, it’s time to stare these problems straight in the eye and make some definitive changes. Now is the time to get your call to actions ship shape and to ensure those conversions fly on the wings of great content.

Toning up your content strategy

Start by making a list of all the areas that need trouble shooting and put them into order by priority. Now it’s time to tackle them one at a time. Start by putting some realistic goals in place and setting achievable deadlines.

Don’t expect to change everything overnight. These are your problem areas after all, so it may take time to make progress. If you’re finding one trouble spot more challenging than most, take some time to research it. You may find that you need to invest in learning a new skill or acquiring an unfamiliar tool. In some circumstances it may be worthwhile to enlist the help of an expert.

Create the perfect content team

It’s not possible to personally master all aspects of content marketing and often problems start to surface in the areas in which we have the least knowledge. Making it your mission to find an expert group of people who collectively make a content power team could be one of the most strategically important moves you make. Make sure that your team is strong in SEO and content optimisation, as well as design, visual and email communication.  Content writing and social media skills are also a must.

Hone your team skills

You can identify skill gaps within your existing team by looking at your data. Incorporate ongoing skill development into the schedule and invest in outsourced training when needed. Alternatively, look into the cost and advantages of outsourcing different areas of your content marketing.

Don’t ignore issues in your content marketing. Face them and deal with them to succeed.

Steven Morris

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