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Ryanair’s digital campaign already reaping results

John Murray

Digital campaigns have been a big part of Ryanair’s business model for many years, but just a year into its relaunch, the Dublin-based firm’s new, more customer-focused approach is already having an effect.

Last year, Europe’s most popular airline launched a website advising the world that it would implement a more flexible method of working.

Engaging more with its customers, rather than dictating to them, has been a fundamental aspect of the changes introduced. This has included keeping people updated with service changes and other news on a weekly basis, often through social media and email subscriptions.

This summer, the airline also brought a new app to market. Already accounting for around 4% of the firm’s total bookings, it is the first step in Ryanair’s increased foray into the mobile marketplace.

Further digital programmes being put in place by the airline include the creation of better online content for Google flight search, and a closer relationship with the access point.

It is also targeting the corporate market more aggressively through online booking tools. However, it will not be a wide sweeping change, with the CMO of Ryanair, Kenny Jacobs, saying:

“[…] we won’t do the traditional airline tactics such as a loyalty scheme, or installing a blue curtain halfway down the cabin with smaller seats behind it.”

The more customer-oriented approach has surprised Jacobs – despite the firm’s publicised ambition to achieve 40% growth by 2018.

Many industry analysts and commentators are also likely surprised. According to Ryanair’s most recent financial results, revenue has seen a boost of 9%, resulting in a post-tax profit increase of 32%.

Other findings have shown that Ryanair has also overtaken both easyJet and British Airways in the number of online airline searches from UK-based web users. Traffic to is up by 4%, making it the most visited airline website with 21% of the market.

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