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See your social media followers as a community

Businesses often refer to people who buy their products and services as customers or clients. When it comes to social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, it helps to see your followers as a community rather than just customers or potential customers.

A community is a group of people that you listen to, engage with and have a relationship with.

Here are four ways in which you can involve your social media community:

Host events

If you are launching a new product or service, or if your business is undergoing a major change, then celebrate this with an event. This can be done through webinars or conference calls. These usually start with a talk by a prominent company member. A large segment of the webinar should then be devoted to questions and answers. Your webinar participants will feel as if they have a real say on the subject, and it provides the business with valuable feedback.

Tell stories

Everyone loves stories. Find out how your customers use your services or products and get them to tell their stories on social media sites. If they have pictures of your products in unusual situations ask them to post them on photo sharing sites.


If your business makes a mistake or there are negative rumours circulating then be honest about this. Truthfully address the issues on social media and you will find that your community members will respect you and remain loyal.

Use humour

Humour gets people’s attention. Look at all the funny YouTube videos that get massive views. Post humorous content or ask for funny stories from your community, but make sure the humour is in good taste.

Social media is a powerful aspect of business marketing and should be used to promote a community of loyal fans of your business.

Tom Evans

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