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Should you build a mobile app?

Darren Jamieson

Most businesses concentrate their content marketing efforts on their company website and a number of social media platforms. Since many people use smartphones and tablets as the primary way that they access the internet though, is it worth building a mobile app to raise your brand awareness for these users?

To build an original mobile app can cost many thousands of pounds especially if you want both Android and iPhone versions. There are template-driven mobile app builders that are much cheaper, but the type of app they build is limited. The cheapest of these simply convert a website to an app, while others access the features of a mobile phone, such as notifications. These template-based apps usually cost a small monthly fee.

An original app stands out from the crowd of cheaply made apps and takes advantage of the built-in features of a phone. An app can have access to a devices location and navigational elements. If someone wants to find your business location, the app can direct them.

Apps can deliver content in real time, giving users access to breaking news and events. Users can be notified whenever there is new content.

The advantage of hiring professional app designers is that they can specify exactly what you want the app to do, and they can implement that design. Your app could reflect your web content, but could also be an app that people find useful. For example, if you are in the home interior market, an app that can photograph a room, then change the colours of the walls and floors or place objects in the room is a great way for someone to envision how your products will look in their home.

All in all, a mobile app can be a great platform for raising brand awareness, and is well worthy of your consideration.

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