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Do you tweet religiously? Have you formed a wide network of friends and associates on Facebook and LinkedIn? As natural as this may seem to some, many of your competitors aren’t as comfortable using social media. Pressroom can be something you can exploit to give your business an edge.

Social media is fast becoming an ingrained part of our society. Facebook and Twitter are seen as a normal, acceptable part of free speech. In an age when a business has to create every advantage it can, and when even world leaders are tweeting, is it wise to let your business fall behind?

The truth about social media

Want to know the big secret about social media? It’s this:

Social media is no longer just about saying things. It’s about listening.

Businesses have begun to realise the advantages that social media can offer, and many have taken their first, faltering steps in using it. However, much of the potential that can be realised remains out of their grasp. The number of followers a business has Twitter is not the end of the story – it’s only the beginning. How can you captivate them? How can you network with other businesses?

We’ve all laughed or cringed at the results of an ill-conceived tweet, but even something seemingly innocent can torpedo a company’s reputation. Social media is the great leveller; not only does it enable smaller firms to take on larger competitors, but it offers you a way to interact with your audience in a way never before possible. Not only does it enable you to speak directly to your target audience – it also offers market research possibilities and unprecedented PR opportunities. Using social media correctly, negative PR can be turned into something that enhances your reputation with a tweet or two.


Social media may be an opportunity too good to pass by, but as with most things nowadays, it comes with its own language to learn. Want to make head or tail of the title above? Read on:

SMM – Social Media Marketing. This does what it says on the tin – it leverages social media sites as part of a pro-active marketing campaign

SMO – Social Media Optimisation. This is an umbrella term for any technique employed to fine tune how your business uses social media. This may involve a full-on assault using Twitter and Facebook, or something as straightforward as making your site easier to use for an audience that uses social media.

SNM – Social Network Marketing. This refers specifically to networking sites. Not only do we focus on the big guns – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – but also niche sites that appeal to a narrower or more specialised demographic. Engage Web can help you become a formidable presence on the networks that matter to your business.

Pressroom as your guide to social media

With Pressroom, social media is just a part of our balanced approach to content. Each piece of content includes full social media accessibility, encouraging visitors to actively share and talk about your content.

As part of your Pressroom package, we can – if you wish – create and maintain social media accounts for you, and use them to promote your brand new content. We will monitor any activity involving you, answering questions posed by your audience and interacting with them.

The content we produce is optimised for search engines, but always with your users in mind. We have a team of journalist-trained editors to make sure news and feature articles are of the highest standard, which increases our traffic from both organic search and social media sites.

Infographics and video? Social media users love them

Importantly, any followers and links that are gained are YOURS. This translates into building your brand, your online authority, traffic, enquiries, sales and therefore a return on your investment.

Want to stay ahead of your rivals and take on the big boys at their own game? Contact the Pressroom team and see how you can use social media in ways you never thought possible.

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