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Sony to launch video game based on infographics

Graeme Parton

Japanese gaming giant Sony announced recently that it is to work with Digital Dreams, a Dutch developer, to launch a game based solely around infographics for one of its consoles.

While initially, Sony only gave ‘Metrico’ as the title of the game and published details of a website and Twitter profile, it went on to reveal more details of the release the following week with a full trailer unveiled at the press presentation.

Metrico, which is destined for release on Sony’s flagship handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, has been described by Digital Dreams as an “atmospheric puzzle game”. Roy van de Mortel, who is the developer’s level designer, said in a blog post:

“The gameplay mechanics of Metrico work particularly well in combination with the unique hardware features the PS Vita has to offer.

“Metrico is about infographics. The idea has been in our heads for a few years, and was born out of noticing how beautiful infographics can look as an art form. It was reinforced by seeing that infographics have become increasingly important in contemporary pop-culture.”

The game’s trailer shows how the world’s environment is shaped and inspired by a combination of bar graphs and pie charts, elements commonly associated with infographics. While neither Sony nor Digital Dreams are giving too much away at the moment, there is speculation suggesting progression through the game’s levels could rely on altering the data in these charts.

Although rumours are all there is to go on at the moment, Digital Dreams has promised that release dates and prices will be made available soon.

The thoughts of van de Mortel are held by many who realise the effectiveness of infographics. In a marketing world that relies so heavily on keeping the attention of consumers, the accessibility and originality often provided by infographics is invaluable to business owners who are looking to raise their firm’s profile online.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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