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Success of Intel’s YouTube competition highlights the importance of video content

Richard Bell

People today watch more videos than they ever have before and, according to surveys, the number is on the rise. YouTube users alone watch more than six billion hours of videos each month – a number representing a 50% lift on last year’s figures.

Over a period of five months, tech giant Intel has run a number of successful YouTube contents from one of its official channels, encouraging users to create and upload examples of their own slow-motion videos and time lapse photography. Entries were posted on the brand’s channel MyIntelEdge. The contests were supported by Promoted Channels and TrueView ads.

Winners of any of the photography competitions and video contents could land themselves a prize of $50,000.

According to members of the team at Intel, the campaign resulted in the highest conversion rates the company had ever experienced. Approaching its end goals just three weeks following the launch of the contests, the team was reportedly forced to rework its original targets.

The company had a focus on the launch of its Ultrabook, a new product category that puts together the best features of netbooks and tablet computers. Making use of social strategies and content provision by engaging with users ultimately allowed Intel to boost awareness of its operations.

Pushing the momentum of its impressive growth figures over the last year, YouTube announced a variety of key changes to the services it provides, and observers believe that both brands and customers stand to benefit. In a post published recently on the website’s blog, YouTube Creator, it was reported that video publishers will now receive notification emails for uploads and experience greater control over their posting and sharing.

It is believed that the changes will cut down on unnecessary waiting times and give publishers greater levels of privacy before their videos are published.

Richard has a First in English Literature and Creative Writing, and has experience writing fiction and short stories (which he has published both online and in magazines).

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