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There cannot be many businesses these days that have not taken the plunge into the online world. The first, obvious step is usually to construct a suitable website, but there is no point in doing this if one is then just going to sit back and wait for results. Potential visitors searching online for the products and services a business offers are typically presented with a series of search listings, through which they must then sift. The most determined may look through several pages of results, but most probably will not. For that reason, companies whose websites appear several few pages back have a great disadvantage over those who have sites in the top few listings. One way of bumping up a website in the search results is to create better quality content. It can make a huge difference if there is a regular supply of fascinating news articles that give readers an insight into the company’s industry. At Pressroom, our expert staff can create tailored news feeds that could provide the perfect answer to the problem of online visibility. As we also offer online marketing plans and social media strategies, we have all of the knowledge required to raise the web profile of a business.

Let the professionals take the strain

It can be tempting to try and produce content for a website in-house but, unless there are staff members with the necessary writing skills and the time to put them into practice, this could turn into a stressful and unsuccessful experience. Hiring professionals who have experience in journalism and search engine optimisation can prove to be an excellent move. Placing content creation into the hands of experts allows a business’ own staff to concentrate on their usual work, while ensuring that all of the content produced is of a high standard. The use of carefully tailored news feeds, interesting articles, videos and infographics can quickly build the reputation of a site and search engines should then rate it favourably.

Improving content attracts more visitors

As well as playing an important part in moving websites up the search listings, content is responsible for the feel of a website, just as much as colours and design. The words on a site convey the personality of a business through the use of emotion and tone. Dry content may not win many readers, whereas articles that encourage visitors to read more and to come back regularly to see what is new will draw an audience. Interesting content is likely to be shared with others, creating greater awareness of a company’s website and, in turn, attracting more customers.

Here at Pressroom, our tailored news feeds are created so that they complement a business perfectly. With our online marketing and SEO knowledge, we can put together a package that combines strategies and content, and this can be shaped so that it precisely fits the needs of a business. Should those needs change, our flexible approach means that we can adjust the package to suit. For top notch tailored news feeds and the know how that can help your business succeed online, call us now.

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