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Taking SEO tips to task

Writing on Search Engine Watch this week, the founder and CEO of an American SEO agency has given a few of of his top tips to make a blog rise above its competitors. There are some valid points made, but they should also carry caveats.

For example, his first tip suggests you make your blog controversial and, while saying something outlandish on your blog can generate a very successful response, it can also backfire horrendously.

The author, Jayson DeMeyers, does go on to say that any controversial statements should be backed up with facts and not just be rhetoric, but one could ask whether his warnings go far enough.

Though there is very little a company can reasonably be expected to control in regards to its employees’ personal social media accounts, it can control its official blogs. As such, steering clear of controversy is, for many firms, by far the better stance.

There have been companies with many years of good solid content writing, yet this has been undermined by a flippant posting on a blog. Yes, controversy is fine but only if it is merited.

DeMeyers’ second tip of  ‘top XX lists’ is certainly sound. We all love a good top ten or top five of course; it is simple to digest facts and figures. A little like watching the BBC programme QI, you feel that you are learning but at the same time being entertained.

Again though, there is no warning attached. Simply copying a list from another site is foolhardy, as is relying only on Wikipedia to fact check. Before producing a list, it is always best to check an entry in triplicate. If you cannot do that, do not list it.

The third tip suggests that solving a problem is a good approach for a blog, and this too is true. However, it is essential that the problem actually exists and not just be the creation to load your content with keywords for your firm.

Steven Morris

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