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The essentials for your content writing kit

Regardless of whether you class yourself as a copywriter, blogger or content writer, creating a handy tool kit can make all the difference. You can cut down  on time, save money and write fantastic, awe-inspiring content with a fraction of the effort.

As time is always of the essence, a handy bag of tricks will help make your content writing more productive and support your SEO strategy.

Elevate your writing with free tools

No serious content writer should be without Given that you will show up on the Google radar if the same keyword appears in a piece of content several times, your Thesaurus will become a much loved ally. You’ll get a great choice of related words and synonyms, which will enforce the relevancy of your article to your searchers. is great for understanding word meanings, but you’ll also find invaluable if your piece is more technical. For trends and stats, Factbrowser is another great free tool for your writing kit. If you’re looking for an apt and insightful quote to enhance a post, then is worth a look.

Get SEO Friendly

Understanding which clusters of keywords attract readers to your website is more beneficial than looking at individual keywords. The Keyword Planner allows you to look at groups of them. It is aimed at Adwords users, but you can easily set up an account and access this great tool free of charge.

Tag Crowd can be used to understand word frequency, giving you insight into how Google sees your content. If you have Google Analytics, Content Experiments allows you to test the level of conversions from your content. You can test different versions of the same page to identify the most effective.

These are just some of the tools available for your writer’s tool kit. Why not create your own mix of tools and save time, energy and money?

Steven Morris

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