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Three habits every digital marketer should hone

Digital marketers are always looking for that edge, that particular something that puts them ahead of the rest. Many have found their own route to this success, of course, while others have fallen by the wayside.

Here are some of the best habits to try and  get down pat:

1. Be strategic

A solid plan is always going to give digital marketers a solid foundation to build from. However, having a good strategy and being strategic yourself are very different things.

Being strategic is all about planning and thinking about the future. It is all well and good having a great plan to drive traffic to a site, but, if you then fail to engage with the customer when they get there, your efforts are essentially for nothing.

It is important to spend time getting people to the site, of course, but the real trick is finding out what to do them with them when they get there.

2. Customer first, foremost, always

Marketers will always tell you how the customer comes first, although many professionals may secretly think that this is far from the case. However, it’s true, so make sure that you are providing content they want.

Knowing that we need our clients, it is very strange how most communications are more about how a company wants to deliver itself, rather than what the customer wants, or needs, to be delivered.

Do clients need a marketing email sent to them every day? No. Do customers want to be told of important changes to how they use a site through mobile? Yes. Unfortunately, over a third of UK companies still do not have mobile-optimised platforms.

3. Vlogging hell

Social media is important.

This is not exactly breaking news, and many companies have reasonably good strategies in place to exploit this. However, while well-written and actionable copy is essential to exploiting social platforms, so too is video and audio.

Steven Morris

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