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Tone up your content writing

It is easy to get complacent in any job, but the effects of an unhealthy approach to content writing can quickly see your traffic ratings plummet. To keep those creative muscles toned  and increase your content writing stamina, follow our four simple steps to peak content fitness.

Keep a track of your progress

To keep your motivation levels high, always keep a log of your achievements, however small they may be. Keep a current to-do list and update it regularly. The road to peak performance takes time, so break down large projects into small, bite-size tasks. Allow yourself to celebrate successes and share these achievements with the rest of the team. Acknowledging success in this way will breed a positive content culture.

A change is better than a rest

If you constantly eat the same things or do the same workout, you’ll soon get bored and demotivated. Spice things up a bit with your content strategy and offer your audiences a varied diet of exciting content. Create an inspiration calendar listing current world events and choose one that wouldn’t normally be associated with your business. Also, include seasonal topics and identify other potential content campaigns.

Take time out

Sometimes taking a moment to switch off and escape from your usual routine can do wonders for your creative ability. Give yourself quiet time to assess where you are and where you need to be. Schedule time each day outside of your day-to-day surroundings where you can contemplate quietly the next steps of your content strategy.

Work on your social media stamina

Building relationships takes time and commitment, and this applies to forging relationships on social media too. You will need stamina and patience when developing social media engagement, so make sure to actively take part in conversations. Listen carefully and respond well while encouraging questions and discussion.

Steven Morris

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