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Twitter looking to expand beyond written content

Richard Bell

Twitter is reported to be teaming up with NBC and Viacom to bring more video clips to users of the social network.

Earlier in the week, Bloomberg cited sources apparently close to the deal and said San Francisco-based Twitter was interested in hosting videos as well as advertising clips on its users’ timelines. Revenue, it has been reported, would be split with providers NBC and Viacom.

According to Bloomberg, the microblogging site could seal the deal with either of the media companies, or both, as early as next month.

This won’t be the first time Twitter has teamed up with NBC; the site got together with the U.S. television network in 2012 to provide regular updates on various events at the London Olympics.

It may come as no surprise to some that Twitter is reportedly looking to seal ties with the two media companies; the site recently acquired Bluefin Labs, which analyses links between social media and TV content. The information garnered is then provided to various advertising agencies, brand advertisers, and broadcasting networks.

In 2012, Twitter also scooped up the company behind Vine, which is an app for smartphones and tablets that allows users to take or share short video clips. Diversifying its content further, the site also acquired music firm We Are Hunted and is expected to launch Twitter Music in the near future.

It is hoped that by bringing a greater variety of content to the services it already provides, users will be encouraged to stay on Twitter for longer.

This is something many companies with an online presence are coming to realize. Directing users to a site through SEO and various other marketing strategies is one thing, but only quality content will keep them returning and improve conversion rates. Videos can be used to effectively supplement witty or informative written content, along with infographics and other pertinent images.

Richard has a First in English Literature and Creative Writing, and has experience writing fiction and short stories (which he has published both online and in magazines).

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