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Twitter storm chef given new job

Graeme Parton

A chef who caused something of a storm on Twitter last week after being sacked from a pub in Oxfordshire has found  another job.

Last week, Jim Knight was relieved from his duties at The Plough and took to the pub’s official Twitter account to vent his disappointment and frustration at the situation.

On the profile, which he had set up during his stint as head chef, the 28-year-old posted an update claiming he was sacked for wanting to spend Christmas Day at home with his partner and young child.

Now, however, Knight has been given the chance to continue his career at The Shepherd’s Crook, which is likewise in Oxfordshire, and he has apparently also been given December 25th off.

The Twitter page of his new employer spoke of the new recruit, simply saying “now employing chef Jim Knight, of International Twitter fame”. The pub then went on to tweet:

“Welcome to The Shepherd’s Crook Jim – your misfortune is our very good fortune!!! Enjoy your Xmas Day with your new baby.

“Gosh that pie was great, thanks Jim! Our diners will love it!”

Knight’s dismissal posts, which were initially published on December 15, went viral, and made the new father something of a web sensation.

Management at the Great Haseley-based Plough, however, countered Knight’s claims, saying everything was made very clear on the issue of working unsociable hours, and that they had no choice but to cut the contract short.

The pub also denied its former employee’s suggestions that it served cheap meat bought from a local supermarket.

The attention Knight’s posts received should, for businesses, act as a reminder that negative press can spread just as quickly as positive talk.

The Plough is now looking for a new head chef.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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