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Understand your audience psyche

When promoting your content on social media, it can be helpful to understand the psyche of your target market.

How we react in  general situations can be skilfully applied to your content strategy when getting your content out there.

Social Proof

As humans, we believe that there’s safety in numbers. You may get the odd individual who wants to stand apart from the flock, but in the main we all feel much more comfortable advocating for something that everyone else does too.

When formulating content for your social platforms, use content that plays to this basic human need. Using statements such as “we’ve helped over 1,000 companies to achieve their business goals”, will give your audience the confidence to find out more.

Case studies and testimonials are also great for building your targets’ confidence. When promoting seminars and events, stating how many tickets have already been sold will make others want to buy.

The principle of ‘like’

It’s human nature – we just love being complimented! People are much more likely to like a person if they praise them, have similar interests, and are considered trustworthy and familiar.

This also applies to the businesses that we engage with. By publishing content that relates strongly to the interests and lifestyle traits of your audience, you will make them feel at home and familiar with you.

It is important to infuse your business personality into the content, so that people feel they can connect with you. In B2B markets, ‘like’ your prospect’s content, while offering advice and support.


Building trust is imperative and we all look for confirmation of authority when doing business or buying something.

Publishing high value content, such as user guidelines, useful tips and industry studies, will instantly position you as an authority expert within your field. Also, follow other experts and share their content, while working hard to create a professional image.

By understanding basic human nature you can make your social media content truly effective.

Steven Morris

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