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Using social media to reach your audience

If you are grappling with the idea of including social media in your content marketing strategy, there are some extremely valid reasons for doing so. It can help to build brand awareness, increase web traffic, and secure new audiences. It also  provides a platform to interact and communicate with your target markets and create high value conversions.

Social media has proven to be one of the most effective platforms for sharing content with your chosen audiences, yet there are definitive guidelines that must be followed to ensure its success.

Plan with care

A social media plan is imperative to secure the attention of your target market. In line with your SEO strategy, take time to research suitable keywords.

Get your team together to bounce around ideas for content that will hook the interest of your audience. Do not approach social media marketing in an ad-hoc fashion. As with all forms of online marketing, a clearly defined plan with goals and milestones is essential.

Social and content – a wonderful pairing

As with all online marketing, content should be central to any social media plan. You need to offer high quality, relevant content that is valuable to your target customer. Don’t stick to just one format. Keep your content varied and interesting using a variety of videos, infographics, and image content in addition to traditional content.

Blogging can be a valuable medium for sharing content with your audiences. Adapting the company blog is a great way to inform your social media audiences of events, competitions, and projects.

Reinforcing brand image

Content allows you to project and reinforce your brand using a variety of social platforms. Although you will need to adapt content to appeal to each platform’s individual character, take care to ensure that your corporate identity remains consistent.

Following these steps will help to make sure that people know about your content. Just remember not to skimp on the quality.

Steven Morris

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