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Using technology to overtake your competition

Google algorithms look for high quality content, so if you’ve got that covered you can relax, can’t you? Unfortunately not! As more content is posted on the web, the need to make it easy for audiences to find information becomes more critical.

Keeping your content on the radar

As more and more content is produced to attract your target market and the quality of that content increases, search engine users are keener than ever to find the information they seek in one accessible place. Time is always of the essence with your target audience, because users want to access everything they need with the smallest possible effort.

This is where technology can help. The likes of LinkedIn and Twitter have already invested heavily in providing searchers with tailored content streams. The Showcase Pages on LinkedIn categorise content to appeal to a variety of business needs. Twitter allows its users to tailor content feeds to get instant access to content relevant to them.

By investing in tools that allow the searcher to navigate and access the content they need, you will place yourself high above the competition. The more work you can do on behalf of your target audience, the greater in the impact on your rankings.

End-to-end content platforms

One of last year’s big talking points was the ‘cloud’, and this continues to be an area of focus in 2014. Amidst talk of the economy improving, most marketing managers will still be operating on tight budgets and the need to reduce costs will remain high on the agenda. For many, this will mean identifying one support tool via which all marketing efforts can be focused. You may streamline processes by placing Google Analytics on the same platform you use to post content and whitepapers.

Great content is clearly not enough – this must be married with careful investment in technological tools.

Steven Morris

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