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Want to build client loyalty? You need to move in One Direction

Brands have been urged to take a hint from a boy-band to engage with their customers.

Telling firms that they need to get closer and give back more, rather than  just looking at the sale, film director Morgan Spurlock said that it is this that develops such a strong loyalty with clients.

Spurlock himself is no stranger to creating fan-loyalty-winning content; he was the brains behind the cinema hit ‘Super Size Me’.

Having worked with the Harry Styles-led band One Direction on their own movie, ‘One Direction: This Is Us’, the director said that the loyalty he saw in their fans was “exceptional”.

Talking about how 5,000 fans turned up and stayed outside the band’s hotel during filming, simply because the band always had time for them, Spurlock said:

“If you are a brand and you want that brand loyalty, you need to cultivate that, you need to cater to that, you need to listen to that and you need to give back to that constantly.

“That’s what the boys do really well. The boys give back to the fans all the time and you start to see how that reciprocal relationship really pays off…”

Spurlock went on to explain that for their part, the fans win because they feel a part of the band and that they have an ongoing relationship with the boys.

To a degree, brands will already do this through social media channels. Critically however, this is usually nothing more than a promo exercise.

Brands need to find out what their customers want, why they want it, and then give it to them; time and time and time again.

It is all about instant contact; instant gratification; instant interaction. All of the time.

We all increasingly want to feel a part of the larger world around us, and the brands that we love can deliver this as a social strategy delivered in one continuous direction.

Steven Morris

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