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Warnings from the digital future

How brands perform in the digital arena is one of the most critical aspects for business success, which is something that will not change.

However, as many companies and organisations have found to their cost, having a digital presence does present some  unique challenges.

Checking out

An ordeal for many firms operating online has been in processing payments. Today, accepting cards is increasingly easy, with a host of tools and apps to make transactions smooth and secure.

As such, companies need to implement as many payment methods as possible.

Social disgrace

One of the best avenues for getting your message out there is social media, and most businesses and organisations have recognised this. However, working with professional agencies to deliver the best performance on networking platforms is important.

Although, often it is more important to manage those episodes when things go wrong, as criticism of a company can quickly go viral. Reputation management is ever more vital, ensuring that communications are carefully and constantly delivered.

Scroll will

The rise of mobile device use has had a major impact on how we use the Internet. After years of moving from small, click-driven pages with important information above the fold, larger pages are back.

The popularity of scrolling for information could result in content needing to be written, delivered, designed, and laid out in different ways as well, while mobile optimisation cannot be ignored.

Running commentary

Social media and an increasing trend for customer engagement can result in viral criticism. However, there is often also praise. As such, opening up these channels for customers is a great traffic driver.

Feeds need to naturally benefit from copy courtesy of customers, which can be used to set up perfectly optimised replies.

The future of digital marketing can never be fully known, but watching for pointers is essential. Other challenges to look out for include an increasing demand for authentic content and greater protection of personal data.

Steven Morris

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