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Website Content

While web design helps to give your site a professional look, website content is the foundation of what draws readers to your site. This is why it’s vital that your web content writer is an expert professional. Luckily, the writers at the Pressroom are experts in creating high-quality web content that attracts readers, engages them, and then converts them to your business clients. For more information on how Pressroom can help your business, contact us today.

How your readers and Google see your website

It’s great if your site looks pretty, but your readers do not care if the site wins the best looking website award if the content is low quality, so always make sure you have the basics right.

Similarly, while clearness of code is important, visual design and aesthetics aren’t taken into account when search engines rank your website in their search results. Google and company want your website to load quickly and be responsive so that it adapts the display to computer screens, tablets and phones, but it largely indexes your website according to your content.

Anatomy of website content

David Ogilvy is regarded by many as the master expert on advertising. He taught that there are five main elements to advertising, and these five elements can be applied to website content.


Over 65% of people are visually inclined, which means that they prefer to get information through images. Compelling and relevant images are necessary on a website, but images convey only the broad stroke of a subject. Words convey the finer details.

The caption

The image needs a relevant caption that both explains the image and leads the reader into the rest of the content.


Good headlines and subheadings arouse the curiosity of the reader, thus prompting them to read on.

The copy

High-quality website content tells the reader what you want them to know about your brand. It reveals to the reader how your products and services can help them and guides them to take action.

Call to action

The call to action could be to purchase a product, download a report or send you contact details.

High-quality web content will embody all these five elements, but to get the balance between the elements, you need an expert website content writer. Contact us today at Pressroom to learn how our website content writers can help your business succeed online.

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