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Website Copywriting

Website copywriting is the art of creating text content that attracts readers, engages them and encourages them to take action. Needless to say, it differs in several ways to print copywriting. Contact us at Pressroom to discover how our website copywriters can help your business.

Write for the scanners

People do not read webpages in the same way as they read a book. Most people initially scan the page and take only a few seconds to decide whether the information is important enough for them to read. Website copywriting needs to cater for this, which means:

  • using headings and subheadings
  • using bulleted or numbered lists
  • formatting important sections with bold, underlined or coloured font.
  • using images or videos

These techniques allow the reader to find the main points of the content. The headlines, lists, images and formatted text are a summary or synopsis of the main ideas of the content, and they encourage the reader to absorb the rest of the text.

Keep concise

To make your writing punchy and attention-grabbing, cater for readers by using short concise paragraphs. If you can explain something clearly in one paragraph, then don’t expand it to two.

The first paragraph should contain a brief summary of the content. A good technique is to place the conclusion of the content in the first paragraph, with the rest of the article revealing how this conclusion is arrived at.

Narrate a story

Everyone loves a good story, especially ones about people overcoming adversity. If your product or service solves a problem, then stories about people who had a problem that was solved by using your products send a powerful message that can guide readers towards making a purchase.

Avoid hype, jargon and hard selling

Jargon words understood only by people familiar with your business area are lost on the general public. People are tired of hype and hard selling techniques on the internet, and these tactics will put them off becoming your customers. Any claims that you make about your products need to be backed by research and evidence.

Gently appeal to people’s emotions, but do not exaggerate or make false claims about what your business offers.

Website copywriting is a specialist field that requires a unique approach, and the best people to help your company are expert professional writers. Contact Pressroom today to learn how our website copywriters can help your business succeed on the internet.

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