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Why not try using live content?

Lianne Wilkinson

When creating a content marketing strategy, it is always worth considering live content, especially when launching new products, holding conferences or delivering training.

When Apple launches a product, it does it by holding a live event and broadcasting it around the world to an audience of millions. This has a huge impact on raising brand awareness.

Live content does not have to cost a fortune

Apple’s broadcasting of lives events probably cost thousands of dollars, but live web content does not have to be expensive.

Systems like GoToMeeting enable up to 100 people to meet up for video conferencing or phone meetings. This costs from £19 to £34 a month depending on the features required. Sessions can be recorded for later use.

Recently, Facebook has made it possible to produce live content to a large number of people for virtually no cost. Facebook Live Video gives businesses the ability to transmit audiovisual content in real time on their Facebook page.

Any internet-connected camera can be used, including laptop webcams. Many Facebook live videos are simply made using a smartphone; you let your followers know when you are broadcasting, and they can receive notification when you are live.

During the live broadcast, followers can comment and their messages can be responded to by the broadcaster in real time.

Chat’s magic

Another form of live content is chat systems. Adding a chat facility to a website means that clients can communicate with the customer service representatives in real time. There are dozens of companies that can provide chatroom technology. These can range from one-to-one conversations between clients and business staff, or you can opt for chatroom systems through which up to 50 people can talk.

When devising a content marketing strategy for your business, live content elements can really show that you’re a company with its finger on the pulse.

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