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Why SEO needs to stop being self-serving

The landscape for search engine optimization (SEO) has changed enormously over the last decade, with the big players like Google putting user experience above anything else.

As such, sites that rank highly in online searches have three things in  common:

• Excellent content
• Properly optimised
• Relevant to their audience

The SEO world currently thinks that the secret to ranking highly is that there really is no secret, with the key to optimising your site for search engines being the following five golden rules:

Use long-tail keywords

Searches are getting more specific, with users looking for inexpensive furniture more likely to enter a long-tail query such as:

“Where can I find cheap wardrobes in Bedfordshire with free delivery?”

If your web content doesn’t allow for this, try to incorporate these in a news feed or blog and be location specific.

Stay Fresh

Users like to see new content, with up-to-date information an important factor when it comes to climbing the rankings.

Focus on usability

With the changes made to Google’s search results algorithm in April, sites that are optimised for mobile devices are likely to rank higher than those that are not. Ensuring that your website is fully optimised for an enjoyable and easy user experience will bring you benefits.

Get networked

Websites that have inbound links demonstrate credibility across search engines, with the theory being that if an external site links back to you, they are effectively providing a testimonial. The more links for your website, the more authoritative you are perceived to be, and providing engaging content that people want to share is how to do this.

Focus on your customer

Many websites can be too focused on the rankings war, leaving their audience dissatisfied and unengaged. With relevance being a driving factor in SEO, stay focused on providing for your customers needs. Giving them the information they want and becoming the authority they go to for answers will be rewarded.

Steven Morris

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