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Why social media is important

In the digital age, businesses need a social media campaign in order to grow and be successful. Here are some reasons why creating quality social media content is important:


Know your customers

The more a business knows about their customers then the easier it is to sell them targeted products and services. Creating profiles of your customers is essential information for any business.

On Facebook, you can get insights into the demographics of people reading your page content including: their age, their language and their gender. Additionally you can know their relationship status, education and interests.


Find new customers

If you open a business or branch of an existing business in a town, then you can do a search on Twitter to locate tweets from people in your area wanting your type of service or product.

For example, if you open a new Indian restaurant, there could be people in your area tweeting about fancying a curry. As long as your tweet in response is more of an invitation than a hard sell, it will be welcome.


Receive feedback

If you sell a product or service customers will comment on your Facebook page about their experience, good or bad.


Increase website traffic

Social media content can direct people to your web site. Links from social media also increase your website’s ranking in the search engines.


Social media is inexpensive

Compared to other platforms for advertising such as: Google AdWords, press, radio and TV, creating social media content is inexpensive. It costs nothing to set up a Facebook page or tweet on Twitter.


These are just a few of the many reasons why you should not neglect social media in your business marketing plans.

If you use our expertise in social media marketing at the Pressroom, you will find our services extremely cost effective.

Tom Evans

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