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How can Pressroom benefit your business?

Have you tried to come up with your own content for your site, but hit the barriers that stop you from doing anything worthwhile? If so, you’re not alone. You may have been stumped by any of the following:

  • You don’t have the time to produce anything
  • You run out of inspiration when it comes to writing features, and you’re not sure how best to use keywords
  • You’re unsure how to leverage your content into conversions
  • You know there are other content formats, but need a designer to help
  • You find it hard to understand how good content can help your SEO or drive repeat visits to your site
  • You’re not sure how to best promote your content through social media


Through Pressroom, we can take care of all of this and more. We not only target the right keywords for you, but we make sure your content is produced by our exclusive team of high calibre writers and designers. Written work is checked by our in-house team of journalist-trained editors to make sure it’s free from errors – this means that Google won’t penalise your site for poor spelling and grammar, content stolen from other websites, or spammy and unnatural use of keywords. Infographics and even video can be professionally produced to encourage social media sharing and attention.


However, content is just the start of how we can help you. Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, can make or break the way a company is perceived by its customers, so it’s vital that your business gets it right. We can – if you wish – create and run social media accounts for your business in a way that greatly enhances its reputation, and utilise it to promote your Pressroom content. We can also interact with your followers, answering their queries and monitoring their activity.

Beyond the written word

Content is no longer just news or general advice articles. Today, a huge number of searches return results from YouTube, and Pressroom helps you exploit this. Our expertise in creating professional videos and infographics can provide you with content that promotes your business through channels you may not have thought possible.


Of course, all this talk of content is fine, but exactly how does this translate into success for your business? A database of high-grade content results in increased traffic from organic searches and social media. This increases your Klout score (a measure of your site’s social media reach), the number of followers you have and the number of naturally occurring links to your site. This means increased brand awareness, traffic, enquiries and sales for you – and a resulting return on your investment in Pressroom.

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