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If we were to have a company motto – something we would live and die by – it’s this:

‘Content is King’

Therefore, the more finely crafted, expertly promoted content you have, the more you can convert your online presence into real world sales. Pressroom content is purchased with points. An entry level package gives you 20 Pressroom Points to spend.

How you spend your points depends entirely on the type of content you want. Here’s what they cost:

  • News articles – 1 Point
  • In-Depth Feature – 2.5 Points
  • Infographic – from as little as 10 Points
  • Video – from as little as 10 Points


It’s easy to see how a 20 point package can get you 20 news pieces, eight features or up to two videos/infographics.

However, you’re not restricted to one type of content – you can mix it up however you like. For a start, you may want 15 news articles and two features. The following month, you may want an infographic and four features.

As flexibility is a key feature of Pressroom, you can upgrade your package at any time. More Pressroom Points = more first class content!

Why struggle in giving your site the edge in attracting users and converting this into sales? You can chat to one of our Pressroom experts on 0845 621 4321 without obligation, and see how we can help you.

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