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A Royal performance for Lego’s online strategy

With Royal Ascot next weekend, Legoland Windsor has put on a new display with the female Royals all dressed up, complete with designer hats.

Lined up on the balcony of a  model Buckingham Palace, it is the latest move by the firm that is always innovating.

It has been a big decade for Lego too, climaxing this year with the release of the Lego movie. Receiving critical and consumer acclaim, there are many reasons why the film did so well.

This includes the company’s brand strength across the world, which the business has worked on for more than 80 years, managing to remain popular where many other large names have failed.

Another factor in the success of Lego, which means ‘play well’ in Danish, has been its profitable tie-ins with Hollywood. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, there are Lego sets for it.

It is this that has perhaps kept the brand ahead of the game, as it has never stopped being relevant.

In a world where relevance is key, it is unsurprising that the brand has such a strong online strategy.

Its stunts in the public-eye, like the Royal Ascot one, are also a great way to get other people to write content about them. Articles will be picked up by search engine optimisation (SEO) writing professionals and run through newsfeeds, creating instant traffic.

In recent years, Lego has moved into social and adapted well, with feeds being constantly monitored and customers engaged with. Most tellingly, complaints and queries are quickly and positively dealt with, no matter what channel they are directed through.

Videos are also being used more heavily by the brand, with this week seeing the debut of its first Instagram video posting and the launch of its new Vine channel, augmenting its popular YouTube outlets.

Once again, it appears that that all important relevancy is something that Lego will continue to build upon, brick by brick.

Steven Morris

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