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Understanding cross platform readership key to news feed success

With digital platforms from the major news brands eagerly consumed by their readership, investment is increasing to better understand what people want.

This research is extending to  (more…)

Škoda tours new digital campaign

An automotive brand is hoping to take the online marketing equivalent of the yellow jersey with its latest interactive approach.

Škoda has launched a  (more…)

Consumers want personalised content but fear privacy invasion

People are increasingly after personalised content online that offers them greater relevance to their needs and a faster experience, research by Yahoo has shown.

The internet giant studied the responses of  (more…)

Fast response critical to social success, says FT

The social media manager for the Financial Times (FT) has said that responding quickly is vital for exploiting social to its full potential.

Likening it to carrying  (more…)

Kids think content should be free, states report

Nearly half of young Brits believe that people should have the right to access content on the Internet for free, a new poll from YouGov has found.

The market research specialists asked  (more…)

Negative online content costing firms thousands

Recent research has found that small businesses are being hit where it counts because of negative online content.

An increasingly big concern (more…)

Loo roll giant aims to show clean branding

Toilet tissue manufacturer Andrex is launching a new marketing campaign which will see it step away from tradition. Instead of the  (more…)

Supermarkets warned over future sales

Retail superstores have been told that they face just five more years of dominance in the grocery sector, as discounters and online sales offering enhanced content take a larger slice of the market.

The warning comes following  (more…)

Dutch airline crosses the line after Twitter foul

Flag carrying airline of the Netherlands KLM has landed itself in hot water, after an official social account missive poked fun at the Mexican football team following their defeat to Holland in the World Cup.

After a strong performance, Mexico  (more…)

Online marketing to be ramped up by Welsh tourist board

The Welsh Government has announced that its latest tourism marketing strategy is on the right tracks, but that it will reinvigorate its digital efforts.

With its new ‘Partnership for Growth’ campaign seeing  (more…)