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7 top tips for video marketing

Videos should be an important part of any business internet marketing strategy. The internet is geared towards visual as well as written content, so spending a little time on incorporating a video into your marketing plan could mean that (more…)

The difference between link bait and high quality content

You may have heard of the term “link bait” in passing, but what is it? It’s content designed to maximise visitor links and is the opposite of high quality content, which aims to provide value for its readers.

Examples of link bait (more…)

Six content goals you should shoot for

Every web page should have a goal, and your content should be tailored to reflect this. Not only will it keep your readers sweet – they’re there for a specific reason, after all – but it also can mean the difference between being near the number one spot in Google’s search results or (more…)

Which social media sites should you use?

Creating content for lots of social media sites can be time consuming and counter-productive for your business. It is usually better to work smarter rather than harder, and concentrate on the top five sites. (more…)