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Social media ‘relieves’ stress

A new survey has suggested that using social media platforms can help to reduce stress levels in certain people.

The study, conducted by US-based Pew Research Center, asked over 1,800 adults who use social media targeted questions about  (more…)

Pontiff’s visit lights up social media

The weekend bulletins and news feeds were alight with reports of millions of Filipinos taking to the streets amid stormy weather to see Pope Francis.

However, way ahead of the Pontiff’s visit, social media platforms had been lit up by thousands of Catholics posting  (more…)

Belgian told: ‘Je suis libre (et gratuite)’

The most popular social media trend of the embryonic year has been ‘Je suis Charlie’. French for ‘I am Charlie’, it went viral following the terror attacks in Paris.

However, plans to trademark the phrase, which was picked up quickly and globally on social media platforms the world over, have now  (more…)

Five top questions to ask your SEO firm

With mobile demand growing, increased transparency called for, and video content increasingly relevant online, at Pressroom we know that getting your message out there is important.

That’s why we feel that working with a search engine optimisation (SEO) firm is likewise increasingly relevant. To help, here are  (more…)

Content writing for mobile platforms

With mobile devices more ubiquitous than ever, somewhere in the region of a 25% of online sales were made through a tablet or smartphone in the last year.

However, in 2015 this rate is set to  (more…)

How to use social advertising to target customers

All of the big players in the social media market have provided a veritable gold mine of information for marketers, with access to customers made so much easier than ever before.

However, many firms are doing things far better than others. As such, here are a few pointers to help you exploit social for  (more…)

How SEO developed last year

Like all things in the online world, the face of search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to develop apace.

This was certainly the case in 2014. With January, 2015, now well and truly upon us, SEO professionals and Pressroom have been  (more…)

More than One Direction for 2015?

As it has been throughout 2014, social media is going to be a key battleground for companies and organisations this year.

With major campaigns being run by big retail chains on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the results are out for what has occupied most  (more…)

Instagram is now larger than Twitter

The latest breakdown of social media figures has shown that Instagram now has more users than Twitter.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat, the platform has also stated that it could potentially “change the world”. Owned by Facebook, the latest figures have shown that Instagram now has around 300 million users.

This puts it ahead of Twitter by  (more…)

Creative industry set for 2015 talent slump

Companies looking to ramp up their digital marketing efforts have been warned that next year could see a dearth in the talent heading for the sector.

According to creative business educator Hyper Island, the talent shortage is set to hit the user experience (UX) design segment most.

It has reported the news following  (more…)