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Benchmark survey reveals underperforming content strategies

As content marketing is a clear focus for 90% of businesses today, the publishing of Demand Metric’s latest poll seems to have arrived at just the right time.

With few content marketers saying that  they feel that they have a completely successful content marketing strategy, a change of tack or approach is clearly needed by many.

The survey polled over 520 marketers, asking how they rated their content marketing efforts. In a result that surprised us here at Pressroom, just 13% of those polled said they had been “very successful” at hitting their goals.

That naturally means that 87% of content marketers felt that their efforts are not getting the direct hit that they need.

With content keeping visitors on page, boosting brand loyalty, generating leads and clinching sales, that high rate of less than perfect scoring is certainly not good though.

It begs the question why, of course, particularly with most marketers directly monitoring the performance of the return on investment (ROI) for their content strategies. However, this could be the problem.

According to collated data, 51% of marketers monitor their content ROI through the quality of their sales leads. Meanwhile, only 60% of them monitor this same ROI through web traffic.

That is a very low figure and, from that result, it seems that the full focus of content for many is about hitting whatever their goal is for any selected time frame. It is less about generating a continuous stream of customers.

However, ensuring that online results through search engines are good at all times is essential for firms. Even with the ever more influential social platforms, search results are still king; that is where everything comes together, even if only used as a secondary information point for many users today.

It is this result above all else that creates a steady stream of traffic, providing more of an audience to convert and truly delivering on that quantifiable ROI.

Steven Morris

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