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Creating new content – from the mundane, to the sublime

We all know that we need to keep adding engaging, unique content to our sites to help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but what happens if you have no idea what to write about? Often, when working on a business, the content can become routine. So how do you identify interesting topics that your target audience would want to read about?

Here are some ideas for  finding interesting new material that is fit for SEO:

Frequently Asked Questions

This may seem unimaginative, but there will be many potential and existing customers with questions that they need answering. Providing responses to typical questions is a great way to add content.

Invite your audience to ask questions using a straight forward form and use each one to create a short article. Don’t be afraid to be detailed in your response. In the main, potential customers will be more likely to buy your products or services when they understand the level of work involved.

To get the most value for your SEO, ensure that you use the most common search phrases in each question.

Product specifications

When selling products, it is a great idea to post HTML formatted specifications. Create links from the product pages to the information so that readers can have easy access to them.

To boost your SEO efforts, avoid using pdf format and stick to HTML. This will ensure that your links and title tags are up to standard.

Podcasts and Videos

If you use training videos and podcasts, you can re-purpose this content by getting it transcribed. Publish it with the relevant audio or visual, as this will increase the likelihood of a universal search ranking. Make sure to always edit the transcriptions to ensure that they are readable and include key search phrases.

Your products and services may feel routine to you, but these simple tips will inspire new, relevant content that your audience will value.

Steven Morris

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