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Loo roll giant aims to show clean branding

Toilet tissue manufacturer Andrex is launching a new marketing campaign which will see it step away from tradition. Instead of the  message being about the tissue’s softness and strength, the firm will focus on the importance of personal care and cleanliness.

The multi-million pound campaign went live on TV on Monday, July 7, with the social campaign starting a week previously to gain traction.

Andrex has long been associated with a Labrador puppy in its advertising, promoting its product’s qualities of being soft and strong. With its length also playing a key part of the message, the shift in approach is a new in the industry, according to the firm.

Running with the strapline, ‘How Andrex do you feel?’, and promising to ‘elevate the standard of clean’, is the first step in strategising to a benefit-led model of advertising.

Tackling the fact that most Brits steer clear of openly discussing their bathroom behaviour, the TV campaign features children discussing their habits. It is the first step in the brand directly pushing what toilet tissue is primarily for.

In an interview with Marketing Week, the UK and Ireland marketing boss for Andrex, Karel van der Mandele, said:

“No one is talking about clean or the benefits of clean. If you look at the rest of the market everybody is still taking an attribute-led approach. We are taking a pioneering approach by talking about clean.”

A tie-on with Mumsnet will play a key role in raising awareness of the campaign online and, at the Pressroom, we think this will be a key area. With the campaign tackling our collective reticence to talk about the toilet, the anonymous qualities of social platforms could bolster bloggers.

Andrex will certainly hope this is the case as it aims to make the brand stand out.

To grease the online chatter, Andrex will have a team posting facts, tips and insights while engaging directly with people responding to the campaign.

Steven Morris

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