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The Googling of SEO

Richard Bell

There used to be a time, not so very long ago, when search engine optimisation (SEO) was somewhat of an understood subject, requiring the attention of a specialist. With their efforts able to exploit the workings of search engines to best deliver page rank and site visits, it seemed to many somewhat of a dark art.

Today though, things are a mite bit different. Okay, perhaps a mighty bit more different.

Of course, nowadays  it is more Google doing the leading than those working in SEO, but this has actually caused the world of optimisation to evolve, grow, mature, and develop. Now, it is more about quality content than nefarious tactics.

SEO has become an all-encompassing and essential part of any company’s marketing strategy; far more about branding while establishing reputation and image than attracting links. Yes, the basics of content are still important (basics tend to be), but it is so much more.

This is why engaging and working closely with a specialised SEO provider is so vital today.

Another huge change led by Google and backed up by the operations of other search engines is the algorithm updates that we are all so aware of. Whether it is a Panda or a Penguin, these are largely about preventing those nefarious tactics that many people often used to get ranks and visits up.

Such moves have forced marketers to create quality, establish strategy, and think about content more. Through this, Google has helped to establish an innovative, dynamic and exciting industry.

Another major shift that the Californian internet giant has caused is in local search, which is helping companies direct their efforts more coherently and helping customers find the right result in a shorter period of time. The rise of mobile devices is also, of course, key in this area.

Onwards and upwards then.

Richard has a First in English Literature and Creative Writing, and has experience writing fiction and short stories (which he has published both online and in magazines).

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