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Why SEO needs to stop being self-serving

The landscape for search engine optimization (SEO) has changed enormously over the last decade, with the big players like Google putting user experience above anything else.

As such, sites that rank highly in online searches have three things in  (more…)

Keywords: why only soft toy monkeys should be stuffed

The infinite monkey theorem proposes that over an unlimited period of time, a monkey using a typewriter would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. However, before that happened, it would most certainly produce phrases more like this:

“Ben’s cheap furniture in Oxford is cheapest oxford furniture with a range of cheap furniture available in Oxford.”

If, like me, you’ve ever  (more…)

The aftermath of Google’s mobile crackdown

Dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’, April 21st was expected to mark a significant change in the way Google searches conducted on smartphones were returned.

However, a few weeks on, it is claimed that little has changed.

The internet giant uses over 200 algorithms to rank websites according to  (more…)

The Google Chain – Understanding long tail keyword searches

We all like to think that we are unique and sometimes we come up with thoughts, questions and ideas that we believe nobody has ever thought of….until we type them into Google.

The internet is a huge repository of minds siphoned off into a mammoth think tank where you can find the answers to all of life’s great questions. It’s underpinned by a predictive text search bar which seems to read your mind. I’m (more…)

Getting SEO’s A to B right

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been with us for some time now, but while many firms attempt it, a substantial number of them are struggling to do it correctly.

Working with an online copywriting service will ensure that all of the bases are covered, of course, but having a basic understanding of  (more…)

Recruitment for terrorist cell tops Google searches

People using Google for some search queries were being presented with “Isis” as one of the top autocomplete suggestions, it has been revealed.

Internet users in the US, as well as the UK, were presented with the hint when typing “how can I join…”.

The suggestion has now  (more…)

Five top questions to ask your SEO firm

With mobile demand growing, increased transparency called for, and video content increasingly relevant online, at Pressroom we know that getting your message out there is important.

That’s why we feel that working with a search engine optimisation (SEO) firm is likewise increasingly relevant. To help, here are  (more…)

How SEO developed last year

Like all things in the online world, the face of search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to develop apace.

This was certainly the case in 2014. With January, 2015, now well and truly upon us, SEO professionals and Pressroom have been  (more…)

Online advertising set to take quarter share

If there is one thing that digital marketing companies like to do, it is analyse just how well their content is performing.

With such number crunching so important, it is little wonder that surveys and research leads future direction.

One such finding, coming courtesy of  (more…)

Number one on Google means nothing any more

One thing that has come out of the rise in mobile devices is the growing need for businesses to focus on local. People are now searching for companies that are near them, specifically tailoring their searches with longer tails to get more precise results.

Whether they are at home, on the train or abroad, search queries are demanding  (more…)

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